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IC is internal communication, the communication which happens inside all organisations. It’s fundamental for organisational success because good internal communication enables the achievement of business outcomes and organisational objectives.

At its core internal communication is about people, connecting them within and to their organisation. How this happens is the interesting part and there are many ways to communicate inside organisations, some more effective than others.

The more effective ways emulate how people instinctively communicate – internal communication is people communication.

About ggelf IC, Martin Flegg and The IC Citizen

ggelf IC is the place where Martin Flegg shares his thoughts, blogs, information and resources about the world of internal communication. Based in West Yorkshire, Martin has worked in communication roles for around 20 years and specialises in Internal Communication, Change Communication and Employee Engagement. 

Martin has extensive communications experience from management and consultancy roles in central government, financial services, legal services and higher education. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), a Chartered PR Practitioner and a certified member of the Institute of Internal Communication (IOIC).

He is also currently an elected committee member and Vice Chair for CIPR Inside, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations sector group for communication practitioners working in internal communications and employee engagement.

Martin is also the founder and creator of The IC Citizen movement which seeks to increase the capability of the internal communications profession.

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