Communicating in the perfect storm

When faced with extreme change and uncertainty it’s tempting to batten down the hatches, communicate as little as possible and hope that the perfect storm blows over. Unfortunately, saying nothing is rarely an option during times of change and to fail to plan a communications response is a plan to fail outright. The big question is, how do you plan to communicate when there is so much uncertainty and so many unknowns?

The nightmare before conference

The design and delivery of internal conferences and events often falls firmly within the remit of the internal communicator including finding a suitable venue. This can sometimes be a daunting experience, particularly for those who only do this once a year or if they have never done it before. My hints and tips on the important things to consider in a venue hunt could save you from having the nightmare before conference later on.

The mysterious internal communication of the beehive

There are fifty thousand bees in the average beehive, equivalent to the number of people in a large national or multi-national organisation. Human internal communicators often struggle to communicate with this number of individuals but the bees seem to do it effortlessly. What are the bees mysterious methods of internal communication that enable them to collaborate together so effectively?