All my internal communication consultancy services can be tailored to your specific requirements, you only have to ask. Please get in touch to discuss how I can help. I offer a free, no obligation, 30 minute initial telephone consultation.

I can help you solve your internal communication problems

Perhaps you don’t have a dedicated internal communications team or need an extra pair of experienced hands from time to time. I can help with that. Maybe you need a communication plan or strategy for a project or for your entire organisation. I can help with that too.

Are your existing people communications not working as effectively as you’d like, or are you unsure if they are having an impact? I can review them with an experienced eye, help you give them an overhaul and also show you how to work out if they are hitting the spot.  

Would the communications team, managers or leaders in your business benefit from some training and coaching, or do you need some help with recruitment? I’ve built and developed teams big and small and coached managers and leaders to become better communicators, so I can help with that too.

What I could do for you

Communication audits and research

I’ll review your current communications strategy, channels and tactics. Then, complete a follow up analysis of the findings to provide you with an assessment of current communications performance and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Communication strategy and planning

I can help you create effective internal communication strategies and plans for specific projects (such as change activities) or for your entire organisation.

Training and development

I’ll develop and deliver bespoke internal communications training on a wide range of topics for defined groups in your organisation, including professional communicators, non-expert communicators, leaders and line managers.

Leadership communications coaching

I can provide tailored support, coaching and advice for leaders in your organisation to help them improve their internal communication skills, style and impact.

Organisational narratives

I’ll work with you to develop a communication narrative linked to you organisational values, strategy and objectives which will help your employees understand and engage with business strategy, transformation and change programmes. 

Evaluation and measurement

I can help you develop communication objectives to deliver your business objectives and then identify and use data and metrics to assess the effectiveness of your communication strategies, plans and tactics.

Business cases and governance documentation

I’ll draft internal communication business or investment cases and documentation for your governance board and committee approvals.

Content development

I can create copy and content for use in your web pages, social media, blogs, newsletters, events and other communication channels.


I will complete a needs analysis with you to create an internal communication job role and person specification. I can then provide assistance with your recruitment processes (shortlisting and interviews) to help your identify and source internal communicators with the right skills, qualifications and knowledge.


I can provide advice and support for internal communicators wanting to increase their level of knowledge, professionalism and/or to advance their careers.

Industry insights

I’ll provide you with advice on current trends and developments within the internal communications sector and profession.