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What is The IC Citizen?

Internal communicators are faced with a challenging future. The world of work is changing fast, with increasing digitisation in the workplace, the march of artificial intelligence and the convergence of internal and external communication. These changes are fundamentally reshaping communication within organisations and the role of every internal communicator. We must adapt to these changes and others if the internal communications profession is to evolve its purpose and capabilities, remain relevant and be fit for the future.

However, there are many internal communicators who are ‘in’ the profession but are not really a ‘part’ of it. They have an internal communications job, but are not active in continuous professional development, don’t regularly or ever connect with networks of other internal communicators and some are not a member of a relevant professional body. They are not active ‘citizens’ of the internal communications community and this holds back our whole profession. It diminishes our ability to evolve collectively and quickly to resolve the challenges of the future and become a truly strategic business and management function.

The IC Citizen movement was created by Martin Flegg to help address this by encouraging all internal communicators to participate in activities which reinforce learning, development and the sharing of knowledge and experience. The IC Citizen is about investing in yourself and others, so that we all become better at what we do and remain relevant. It is a key which could unlock a more secure and fulfilling future for all internal communicators, and improve their capability for the benefit of businesses and organisations.

The IC Citizen movement is not a professional body, although it shares many of the same objectives and values. It is also not a membership organisation, and is open to any internal communicator regardless of status or level of experience. All you have to do to join the movement is to commit to one or more of the ten IC Citizen Manifesto principles described in the ‘More about The IC Citizen’ section, below.

Latest news and developments

28 July 2019: NEW BLOG published. The IC Citizen movement was created to increase the supply of ‘real’ internal communication practitioners, but we must now create the demand for them. The latest blog from Martin ‘Finding the real internal communicator‘ is a call to action for all IC Citizens to do that.

Finding the real internal communicator

10 July 2019: The future of internal communication and The IC Citizen were the discussion topic on tonight’s #PowerAndInfluence Twitter chat.

11 June 2019: The IC Citizen Manifesto has now been created and published. See the ten principles which are the foundations of IC Citizenship and download your own copy of the manifesto.

4 June 2019: The IC Citizen Manifesto survey results have now been published in a new blog. All of the seven original characteristics of IC Citizenship will be incorporated into the manifesto as well as two others. Thanks to all the internal communicators who participated in the survey.

23 May 2019: Just over two weeks after it started, The IC Citizen movement now has over 300 followers on Twitter.

21 May 2019: Phase 2 of The IC Citizen has begun and The IC Citizen Manifesto Survey is open until the end of May. Why not have your say about what should go into the manifesto?

20 May 2019: NEW BLOG published. The IC Citizen Manifesto. Read about what’s happening in Phase 2 of The IC Citizen and why the movement needs a manifesto.

18 May 2019: The IC Citizen movement has spoken in a Twitter poll! Watch out for news about Phase 2 of #theICcitizen, coming soon.

More about The IC Citizen

There are ten principles in The IC Citizen Manifesto which are the foundations of IC Citizenship:

  1. Practicing internal communications in an ethical way.
  2. Committing to creating an inclusive and diverse profession, and workplaces.
  3. Mentoring others to build capability.
  4. Networking more to make connections and share what we know.
  5. Participating in debate to share and test new ideas.
  6. Offering constructive challenge to stakeholders to help them better achieve their objectives.
  7. Engaging in regular and meaningful continuous professional development.
  8. Becoming a member of a relevant professional body.
  9. Entering and winning awards to share expertise and add to our collective body of knowledge.
  10. Encouraging all internal communicators to follow the principles in the manifesto

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See and download you own copy of The IC Citizen Manifesto.

You can read more about some of the manifesto principles in Martin’s blog ‘The IC Citizen explained‘.

Read about how The IC Citizen was created in Martin’s blog ‘The IC Citizen‘.

Read more about the challenges facing the internal communications profession in Martin’s blog ‘The growing pains of internal communication‘.

The IC Citizen first appeared in Martin’s blog ‘The great internal communication awards overload‘.

Follow @theICcitizen on Twitter to join #theICcitizen conversation.

“The IC Citizen invests in their own development and in the development of others, to give something back to the internal communications community. IC citizenship has the potential to bind us together as a powerful collective to drive the evolution of our profession towards the strategic management function it needs to become. Any internal communicator can be – The IC Citizen”

Martin Flegg, Founder of ggelf IC and creator of The IC Citizen

IC Citizen role models

The IC Citizen is not an internal communication awards competition. However, the movement has recognised several internal communicators as being role models for one or more of the ten principles of IC Citizenship in the manifesto. Here are a few of them:

Matt Batten @ICMattBatten – for being demonstrably committed to continuous professional development.

Shelby Loasby @ShelbyLoasby – A thoughtful blogger who is sharing resources and ideas with other internal communicators via her website commacomms.

Engage Comms @EngageComms – For setting up the Internal Communications Network North, and creating the opportunity for internal communicators in the North of England to connect and share expertise.

Kate Jones FIIC @how_IC_it – A committed Fellow of the Institute of Internal Communication who is driving our profession forward and always willing to share her knowledge and expertise with others.

Sam Butterworth
@SamGButterworth – who has committed to continuous professional development, gained a qualification and encouraged Martin to develop the IC Citizen concept after it appeared in one of his blogs.

Advita Patel @Advita_p – who has a tireless commitment to the internal communications profession and is Chair of the CIPR Inside committee.

Josephine Graham @iojosy – for being a great networker and being actively involved with her professional body.

Dan Holden @holddani – Who has recently launched a new website Horizon Comms to share ideas and raise capability for more inexperienced internal communicators who are new to the profession.

Katie Macauley @Katie_Macauley – A high profile and inspiring member of the internal communications community who is a great networker, author and the creator of the outstanding The IC Podcast.

Sarah Browning @BrowningYork – Another regular blogger on her Browning York website who is contributing to the debate and making a difference to take the internal communications profession forward.

Adam Driver @adamdriver85 – who is an active member of two professional bodies.

Kim Sklinar @dosomethingkim – for supporting and sharing her knowledge with newbie IC rookies.

To recognise an internal communicator as a role model of The IC Citizen, just give them a shout out on Twitter or LinkedIn using the hashtag #theICcitizen.

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